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Welcome to The Ideosphere!

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My hope is that this blog becomes a virtual forum where thoughts and experiences are shared and ideas will be created, discussed, and evolve. Ideosphere is kin to the “noosphere” (from the Greek nous “mind”) introduced to the world by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin in 1922.

In my junior year of college, I had the opportunity to study in Oxford, England. One of my tutorials was in philosophy. My tutor introduced me to “The Phenomenon of Man,” by de Chardin who was a Jesuit priest. Published in 1955 after the death of de Chardin, his work presages the spanning of our planet in thought.

De Chardin observed how human waves expanded over the surface of the globe. From the Neolithic age onwards, these waves began to fold on themselves. The spread of humanity went from the sheer physical influence of a few miles to that of a web of communication extending to every corner of the Earth.

Underwater cables laid in the late 1800’s across the English Channel led to undersea cables across the world. Telecommunication satellites in the mid 1970’s started to further web the planet. And the advent of the Internet has unified the world’s rise of consciousness.

Teilhard used the analogy of a boiling pot with a tight lid. The finite sphere of thought on Earth will “boil” faster. His positive take was that this coalescence would create more complex states of consciousness. Unfortunately, we have seen this boiling pot of thought can work towards good and evil.